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From Fragile Wealth to Solid and Irreversible Wealth.
Create Wealth, Preserve Wealth; be gifted with
competent heirs that will immortalize your Legacy

Welcome To the Beginning Of Solid Wealth
Are you ambitious? Do you want to be wealthy? Do you simply want to keep the wealth you have made, gain speed, clarity, protection and preservation of your wealth? Are you in need of a trusted partner, someone who can guide you to make more personal or Business wealth? Then you have come to the right place.
Who We Help
Our Business is positioned to help the genuinely ambitious, financially capable, intellectually curious and coachable investor or Business Owner, move to a higher level of success in their lives. If even one of the following can help you achieve the life of your dreams then we are willing to work with you to make your dreams come through.

Everyone seems to be investing and investing is one of the ways people create another source of income and increase their wealth. But not everyone is wealthy. In fact, only a few people create solid income and wealth through investing. The real challenge is not about what to invest in, investments abound and there are mostly confusing, the real challenge is knowing how to invest in a way that grows your money and protect the growth to the point that your total money over time becomes bigger than what you will ever need.

Creating wealth through investing requires a strategic plan, a customized approach and a vibrant support system. This kind of investment approach that is wealth progressive and protects you from the ups and downs of the investment market seems to be missing from existence. Thankfully, you can now access this solid investing plan through the Five Ultimate Pillars of Solid Investing.

To learn more about the Five Ultimate Pillars of Solid Investing and how it can help you achieve massive investment wealth Kindly click the link below and register your interest.

Investing Wealth Creator Register your Interest Here

We will usually invite you for a FREE Online meeting where we will explain and show you how this program works so you can determine if it fits before you invest a dime.

The greatest concern for most Executive is the uncertainty of life after active employment. What would I do? How do I remain relevant and productive? How do I maintain my current income and lifestyle? What and where do I use the career skills that I have spent all these years building? What can I do, that will excite me and give me the same level of drive as my current career. The Concerns are endless; solutions are missing but now available through our Corporate Executive Exit up program.

To know more about the Corporate Executive Exit Up Program and how you can gracefully step aside from the corporate world and create a new world of success for yourself kindly click the link below to register your interest.

Executive Wealth Creator Register your Interest here

We will usually invite you for a FREE Online meeting where we will explain and show you how this program works so you can determine if it fits before you invest a dime.

On a daily basis, businesses are dying, shrinking and being taken out of the game. How do you ensure that your own business stays protected? Is it even possible to survive the harsh economic environment, the recession which is now a regular visitor, poverty that hovers over the land, and the seasonal cash flow swings that raise its ugly head when you least expect it?

Yes, it is possible.

Recession on its own has no power over your Business. What recession does is to expose the fundamental flaws hidden inside your Business. The same way a stormy rain will expose a house with a faulty foundation or roof. If you stay stuck in the ordinary, doing business as usual, stick with weak customers who will bail out on you during the recession, go to the market with generic products and services, and maintain a vague claim of differentiation, then the recession will hit you – hard. But if you reorganize the flaws, correct the broken systems and focus on fixing it recession can be the springboard that launches you to the biggest wealth opportunity of your life.

To know more about the Resilient Business Blueprint and how you can build your Business to thrive and last through economic harsh times kindly click the link below to register your interest.

Business Wealth Veteran Register your Interest here

We will usually invite you for a FREE Online meeting where we will explain and show you how this program works so you can determine if it fits before you invest a dime.

No matter the size of your wealth you are not immune to a major loss. Bad things happen all the time and to good people and poverty and riches often changes hands in times of unforeseen circumstances, poor financial and business decisions and attacks from third parties. We live in a world where we are influenced by the actions of other people and everything we do also have an influence on others.

As a high net-worth individual you run a pretty high risk of being left with nothing if you leave your assets and wealth exposed. Assets like Real Estate, Businesses and Vehicles are a huge liability producer and can serve as an entry point for strangers to steal your wealth. You also have Children whose activities and relationships can divert your wealth into the hands of a total stranger.

You are not being reckless or selfish by protecting yourself, your loved ones and assets. In fact, you are taking a reasonable and responsible decision to minimize your risk now that your financial sea is calm.
Our Preventive Wealth Protection Masterpiece will help you maintain your Wealth Reputation across multiple generations so you can keep building more wealth within a safe zone and eliminate the Risk of Losing Everything.

To know more about the Preventive Wealth Protection Masterpiece and how you can protect your wealth and Legacy kindly click the link below to register your interest.

Wealth Defender Register your Interest here

We will usually invite you for a FREE Online meeting where we will explain and show you how this program works so you can determine if it fits before you invest a dime

Every family has capital and there are two broad types of family capital
The Tangible Capital is the non-human capital of your family and includes all your financial assets and solid assets the focus of most Estate plan, Will and Trust Experts and the most obvious type of family capital. The Intangible Capital, on the other hand, is the human capital side of your family and the least obvious and untapped. It includes the six human elements that are the most important for the preservation of wealth.

Traditional ways of wealth preservation focus on preparing wealth for the recipient of inherited wealth. It ignores the most important element of the wealth preservation process; preparing the recipient for the Financial, Business and Leadership responsibilities ahead whether these recipients are your children, siblings or an external party.

The biggest destroyer of wealth is to hand over wealth to an untrained and unprepared Heir. Creating wealth come at such a high price that you do not deserve to lose wealth this way.

To know more about the Family Capitals and how it can help you prepare your potential recipient for the huge Financial responsibilities ahead kindly click the link below to register your interest.

Wealth Custodian Register your Interest here

We will usually invite you for a FREE Online meeting where we will explain and show you how this program works so you can determine if it fits before you invest a dime

Who We Are?
We are an independent and privately-owned Wealth Advisory and management company, delivering strategic investment advice, Business advice, financial planning, and wealth preservation services to wealth conscious individuals.

We have a genuine interest to guide you through the path of solid wealth because it is a path we take every day.

No matter what your wealth goals are, we will take you by the hand and guide you from where you are to where you want to be. We want to make sure that you are wise about your Financial and Business decisions. With us as your guardian, you will become even more successful and attain solid wealth faster.

Your role is to choose your wealth destination and we will create a bridge to get you there.

Wealth Objectives we will help you achieve
As guardian of your wealth, we will help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Gain deep insight into what you truly want, designs your dream goals, and see what your wealth life really looks like.
  • Create more Personal and Business Wealth so you can do greater things and help the people you love.
  • Protect your wealth and financial power so your name and reputation precede you and open doors for your great grandchildren years after you have gone.
  • Leave a legacy that will motivate your children to be the best of themselves and do things that will make you proud
  • Bring all the wealth professionals you need all in one place, so you can access what you need for your wealth journey.
Our Distinctive Approach to Wealth Management

At the heart of our business is our Board of Advisors comprising intelligent, experienced and trustworthy professionals with your best interests at heart. Supporting our Board of Advisors are our carefully selected investment and Business partners with outstanding reputation to complement our advisory services.

As a Wealth Advisory company, we believe in a collaborative wealth management system where our clients have access to everything they require for their wealth journeys. In addition to our own advisory expertise, we have access to a wide range of carefully selected investment companies and wealth managers that we have used for our own investment efforts. These strategic partners will be of enormous benefit to you.

The Advantage of our Wealth
Management Approach:
  • Through one relationship, you can gain access to a vast array of expert advisors in every area of investment, Business and wealth preservation.
  • Through our specific goal-based approach, our client can be carried along, and they can judge for themselves if they are being led down the right path.
  • Through our Private membership structure we have the freedom to devote our time exclusively to serving only our private clients who deserve our time and expertise.
  • Through our Diagnosis before Prescription process, our clients can receive a clear and specific guidance as well as products and services, tailored to their unique needs, circumstances and goals
  • Our 360 degree wealth management approach provides our client the opportunity to be served continuously all year round and for the long term.
  • Our Client has access to pre-screened investment companies, fund managers and Business partners who we continuously monitor, evaluate and manage to ensure that they adhere to our pre-defined partnership mandate
  • With us watching over your financial decisions and guiding you throughout your wealth journey, you can have the peace of mind, security and confidence that comes from knowing that you will always win

You want access to the best as you evolve on your wealth journey and a second inside eye that will watch your back and protect your interest; that is exactly what we will give you.

Our Investment Vehicles

We select and recommend only the best breed of investments from the following investment Vehicles:

  • The Personal Protection Vehicles: These are investment vehicles that protect you from anything that interrupts your capacity to create more wealth.
  • The Household Vehicles: These are investment vehicles that protect your household and the people that depend on you financially
  • The Growth Vehicles: These are Investment Vehicles that grow your Money and increase your financial strength and stability.
  • The Asset Protection Vehicles: These are Investment Vehicles that protects your assets, reduce your wealth mobility and prevent your wealth from critical loss.
  • The Wealth Preservation Vehicles: These are vehicles that will help you build wealth that will outlive you and a name that is synonymous to never dying wealth.
Our New Client Selection Process

We are an Independent and exclusive wealth advisory and management company and are deliberate about the people we choose to be our clients. We attract only wealth conscious individuals who are open minded, committed to improving their own knowledge and have no timidity, shame or shyness about money.

Our wealth community is one of the few places where wealth is celebrated, and ambitious people are accepted, appreciated, respected, praised, encouraged and motivated to achieve real results. Our investment advice, Business Strategies and wealth preservation secrets are only accessible to our inner circle investors through a membership structure. Our membership club is the way our clients engage with us, relate with us and bond with other investors like them.

Every new client must first go through our client onboarding process which requires him or her to meet a set of client selection criteria. These criteria help us know if we can help you and if you are a best fit for us. We care less about the number of clients we have and are more about who the clients are. That’s precisely why our client intake opening is only available a few times each year. Click here for details about our membership

We focus on serving our private clients and we encourage prospective clients to predominantly communicate with us via email, through the forms on our website or through direct mail delivered to our office address.

Our members have a privileged access to us several times each year through a pre-scheduled phone appointment and our organized face to face meetings and events. To see if you meet our set of client criteria and to explore current client opening opportunities, kindly fill the client interest form below and we will take it from there.

If you are selected to work with us, we will be happy to guide you through our onboarding process. But if the demand for our time is high at the moment, you will be put on our waiting list until a new client opportunity opens up.

If you are not selected, we will also let you know via email and we will point you in the right direction.

We hope you make it because behind the closed doors of our investors inner circle is a safe place where wealth enthusiast can be themselves, brag about their achievement if they like and be safe from criticism.

Click the link below, fill the form and we will get back to you on the next step

Submit your Interest here

Once we receive your interest submission, we will send you a detailed new client qualification questionnaire. This is an important part of your onboarding process and we encourage you to fill and submit it within five days. Once completed, you will be guided on your next step.


How We Minimize/Mitigate Risk

We are very proactive and thorough in our research and due diligence, and we only work with partners that have displayed high level of integrity, experience, and good reputation. But sometimes even the most carefully evaluated circumstances can get out of control. In fact, we expect periods of temporary uncertainty where investment returns may be affected. While we cannot totally eliminate risk – no one can, we seek out new ways to minimize them and reduce your anxiety and stress. Below are the following measures we have taken to minimize risk.

  • All investment products will have a comprehensive risk profile in simple plain and understandable English.
  • Expectations and Success measurements will be set before any investment, Business or Wealth Preservation advisory process begins
  • We will continuously educate and inform you so you can know what we are doing and grow as your wealth grows
  • Our investment structure will make provision for three kinds of investment: Safe Investments, Low-Risk Investments and High-Risk Investments
  • A percentage of your money will be allocated for emergencies in liquid assets, so you can easily access money when you need it.
  • Our investment Plans are structured in a way that is resistant to economic recession, market hypes, peer pressure and your own personal mistakes.
  • We will regularly balance your risk exposure so that only a negligible part of your money is exposed to the risk of loss.
  • We will regularly evaluate our partners to ensure that they meet the standards for which they were selected in the first place.

What to Expect at your First Face to Face Meeting.

Our first face to face meeting is called the “Diagnostic day”, because it is the day we get to meet you and learn about the things that led you to us. We cannot connect you to your desired destination until we first know you, understand your present constrain, and know exactly what you are trying to achieve.

At the end of a typical Diagnostic day, there are FOUR key objectives we must achieve:

We must know:

  • Who you are
  • Where you are now
  • What is holding you back and
  • Where you want to be

The details of what will happens from this point forward and our entire advisory process will be communicated to you before your first face to face meeting so you can understand how the process work.

Who We Will Not Work With

  • People with no wealth aspirations, investible cash, or savings. No one can really help you.
  • People who are still living from paycheck to paycheck. Our clients are disciplined savers and consistently put money aside for their investment.
  • People who are heavily indebted from non-income producing items. Our clients only take on wise debts.
  • People who are not ready to take action. Our Clients are doers and not dreamers.
  • People who do not want to follow a plan and will rather lose their money taking advice from coworkers, Google, following the trend or listening to uninformed advisers. Our Clients behave. They work with and stick to their plan and are not into whatever is hot. Because soon it will be cold.
  • People who do not respect other people’s time and will rather want to be on the phone with their advisor without prior appointment. Our Clients understand the value of time and are happy with our organized communication schedule. There is no open door for random communication or short notice engagement.
  • People who value cheap services and products. Our clients care more about valuable services and achieving their wealth goals than price.
  • People who seek temporary, overnight success. Our client wants to build wealth without losing their conscience and peace of mind.

Our system will work only if the client is right. Our clients are disciplined, conservative, continuously growing, civilized, ambitious and serious-minded people who appreciate people and organizations that are like them.

When Are You Ready For a Face to Face Meeting?

You are ready for a face to face meeting when you meet the following criteria.

  • You have a sizable amount of savings large enough to require a hand-made Investment, Business or wealth plan, individualized attention and a customized communication system
  • You are open to a face to face appointment and meeting.
  • You have the right mindset, personality and character that is supportive of your wealth goals
  • You are ready to take immediate action
  • You have one or more of these desires: to create more personal or business wealth, to protect your wealth and to remain wealthy across multiple generations.
  • You are willing to go through our thorough onboarding process.
  • You understand that the ultimate success of your wealth and future lies in your commitment and accountability.
  • You are ready to bring in your spouse and or children into your wealth plan where such is required
  • You are tired of dealing with the challenges the abundance or lack of money has created but which money alone cannot truly solve.

If you feel the above describes you, we would like to begin a relationship with you. Kindly contact us by clicking the red button below. If not, please go to our Member Circle page page to see our other products and services where you can fit in.

Meet Your Senior Wealth Advisor

Dedicated to Multiplying
and Preserving Your Personal
and Business Wealth

Grace Agada – Create Solid
Wealth Founder
Do you need to be lucky or connected to be successful?Well, I wasn’t lucky, and I definitely wasn’t ‘connected’. In fact, I knew no one when I first came to Lagos 10 years ago. I was a poor orphan from a little family in Kogi State with a lot of curiosity and no strategy. I came into Lagos with a file full of fresh university certificates, a bucket load of financial strains, and all I wanted was a good job.

Although I was internally wired with a burning desire for success, I was clueless, lost, and confused on how to achieve it. My fantasy then was to own a property and live in Ikoyi, Lagos. But, how does a fresh graduate move from her modest current reality into a luxurious future?

I sought for answers, someone to guide me, a roadmap, a plan, or something just to show me the way. But, I was not as lucky as you are today. In my desperation, I dabbled into the investment and Business world blindfolded and I lost all my savings.I lost my money, sustained real investment scars, My Business was traumatized by recession, I struggled through the wilderness of life for many years, and hit the ground several times. In fact I failed woefully but my failures were a blessing in disguise because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me a priceless blessing of my own life-taught wisdom.

I began to read books, studied the lives of wealthy Business men, consumed educational materials, submitted myself to mentorship and practiced investing and Business again and after a few years of taking intentional action and learning I found the solid wealth secret Formular.

Fast forward…

I have escaped the golden handcuffs of paid employment and built a successful business doing what I love. I have authored a bestselling book, written several published newsletters, reports and articles. I own several investments of my own and have access to some of the best investment and wealth experts within the country. I give my private clients the advice and experience oversight they need to feel confident and secure about their investments, wealth and Business decisions.

Today, I am Nigeria’s No 1 Solid Wealth Advisor and I practice what I preach. I have used my own life and the life of the very wealthy men before me who I learn from as the ultimate experiment, before inviting you to join me. Even my smallest investment strategy will swing big doors open for you. I have worked hard to fashion myself into that person that stands between you and your biggest financial mistake.

If this website is your very first introduction to me, know that many Investors, Solid Wealth aspirant and Business Owners like you have stuck with me for years and have paid me huge fees for the great result and value that I provide. I personally invite you to come into our business and see the enormous value that we provide. You will come to trust me very easily because I understand how to take you to where you are going better than anyone else.

Only five words will describe the end when we are done: Solid Wealth with Peace of Mind.

My Wealth strategies are built on real life education that money cannot buy a good working relationship with my private clients and my years of research on timeless investment, Wealth and Business principles that have governed wealth when wealthy men walked the streets of Babylon, six thousand years ago. These same principles have worked for so many wealthy men that you know today. It has worked for me and it will work for you.

I hope you pre-qualify to be my private client.

I will see you inside when you qualify.

Good luck.

Grace O. Agada.
Standing between you and your biggest Financial regret.

Solid Wealth Investors Inner Circle.

It’s time to step up, and seize the kind of wealth reserved for the 1% Elite group.

“Nothing feels better than going to bed at night with a sense of fulfillment knowing that you’ve at least made an attempt to secure a better future for yourself and your loved ones. I’m happy with the investments I’ve made with the help of Grace’s genuine investment advice. I look forward to more”
David Nwobodo (Creative Arts Entrepreneur).

“Investment requires an understanding of what, where and how to get the best buy. But how do you know this when you are not a professional? Since I met Grace, it’s been easy. I get educative emails and their services are extremely professional. Far away from Kano I just sit back and invest with peace of mind. Grace truly got my back”
Dr. Belga Francis-Joseph (Gynaecologist)

“Looking back, I am with all sense of certainty happy that I came in contact with Grace at the time I did. Grace advised and encouraged me to invest in some selected investments and I did though reluctantly and apprehensively. Today I am happy that I did. All thanks to Grace and her team.”-
Blessing O.M (Pharmacist)

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