Forget About Recession, It’s For Losers

The recession they claim was over some years ago, still exists. On a daily basis, businesses are dying, shrinking and being taken out of the game. While you may still have not recovered from the impact of the last recession, there are rumors that another one is coming – and you must be ready for it. With the masses succumbing to fear and a lot of other business owners taking themselves out of the game, how do you ensure that your own business stays protected? Is it possible to surmount the political hassles, the poverty that hovers over the land, and the financial limitations that raise its ugly head every now and then? Yes you can. I’ve come to tell you to forget about what you hear on TV or what you read in the newspapers about how the economy stinks – it only stinks for losers. Not only would you survive, you will also thrive.

It always saddens me to see how hard-working business owners with strong dedication, commitment, and passion, end up with nothing to show for their years of hard work because of recession and all its evils. Even sadder is the fact that the people that get hit the most are the most hard working and dedicated business owners who are still struggling at the bottom of the pyramid. The local small-business owner has a peculiar challenge. He is not like the “big guys” and multinational companies, who can afford to throw a bunch of money on vague branding, wasteful marketing, unproductive sales drive regardless of ROI and doing marketing just to please shareholders. YOU are a real business owner with real business battle scars in the trenches of the real world. In fact, any small business owner that tries to mimic what the big brands are doing is guaranteed to fail.

As a real business owner, your budgets are tighter, resources are limited, expectations for results are higher, and your risk of failure is bigger. The reality is that a loss of even the most little financial resources hit you hard as you are required to hold every naira accountable for increased profits.

What can you do in a world that has recession as a regular visitor?

First, you must agree that recession is not the enemy and Government’s own management inefficiencies may never end. The true enemy is the fundamental flaws in your Business. What Recession does is to expose the fundamental flaws in businesses that were always there. These flaws are replete in many businesses today. Recession can be your helper rather than your foe. However, if you stay stuck in the ordinary, doing business as usual, stick with weak customers that will bail out on you during recession, go to the market with generic products and services, and maintain a vague claim of superiority, then the recession will hit you – hard.

If you will reorganize and focus on fixing the fundamental flaws in your business, you will thrive

Secondly you must understand that everything in life follows a predictable pattern; every time the economy grows, we see a crash and recession follows. Prices go up and come down, and the stock market rises and falls. The sun will rise tomorrow morning like it did today. To think that there will be no more recessions is to live in denial. So you need to always be prepared.

Next, you have to refuse to join the people who use recession and the economy as an excuse not to do well. Most businesses perform poorly not because of recession but because of broken systems within the business structure. Recession on its own has no power over you and your business in fact it can be the springboard that launches you to the biggest wealth opportunity of your life.

The reward for courage in the times when everyone else is afraid is massive

A large percentage of people became millionaires during and immediately after the great depression. History is replete with people who have made fortunes during recessions. Some of them include: Bill Hewllett and Dave Packard-HP Company; Colonial Sanders now KFC; and W. Clement Stone.

These people and many more saw opportunities when everyone else saw impossibilities.

There is a stream of wealth that is flowing around town and it flows to the people who know how to attract it.

To surmount recession, you need to develop your business immunity systems. As individuals, we understand that if we have strong physical, physiological, and psychological immune systems, we can stay healthy and strong, ward off diseases, delay the aging process, and protect our ability to perform. We are aware of the common dangers of a weakened or poorly functioning immune system and a good number of us consciously eat green leafy vegetables and fruits to boost our immune systems.

Your business is no different it has its own immune system and there is a need to keep your business’s immune system healthy, strong, and protected. If your business is poorly nourished, inadequately invested in, and permitted to become weak and vulnerable, a lot of terrible things can happen. Businesses with weak immune systems get sick, have stayed sick, and some have died since the last recession. 

There are about five major immunity systems that your business needs to have in other to survive long term. These five immunity systems is available for access when you fill the form below
To compete against recession, earn 6-figure or 7-figure income, overcome seasonal income swings, and eliminate weak customer disadvantage, you need to raise your immunity against evil forces. It is time to think like a “Street Fighter,” have clever, shrewd and effective business and marketing strategies that will launch your business to new heights even on the wings of recession.

Written By

Grace Agada-The Senior Wealth Advisor and Founder Create Solid Wealth. Article was First Published in The Business day Newspaper.

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