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1. The Seven Time-Based Wealth Killer

How many hours in your day is productive and directly geared towards generating income that will help you create Wealth faster? In this Special Report, we discussed the seven different ways you may be jeopardizing your chances of achieving wealth and Financial Freedom without Knowing it. You will find at least one way that you need to optimize in your own life.

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2. The 7 Big Lessons of John D Rockefeller

People who have worked hard to accumulate a substantial amount of wealth naturally want to see it preserved after they die. The traditional and conventional way of wealth preservation is no longer effective. If Rockefeller was standing right next to you, they are things he will tell you to do that would preserve your wealth for many Generations. Who best to learn from that the Man whose name and wealth has survived many centuries.

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3. The Five Anchors of a Solid and Irreversible Wealth

One of the worst things that can happen to you in wealth building is for you to have a wrong mindset and definition of what wealth is. Many people have set financial targets, achieved it, and still ended up feeling empty and unfulfilled. When your definition of wealth is wrong, you will keep moving from one financial target to the other frustrated, unhappy, bored and unfulfilled. While money might be the commonest means by which wealth is measured, it is not completely accurate. There are thousands of people who have enormous amounts of money and still do not feel wealthy. Therefore, the way you define wealth has a huge impact on whether you feel wealthy, fulfilled, or disappointed. This Special Report discusses the Five Anchors of Solid and Irreversible wealth.

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4. The Five Business Immunity for Long-Term Success

As individuals, we understand that if we have strong physical, physiological, and psychological immune systems, we can stay healthy and strong, ward off diseases, delay the aging process, and protect our ability to perform. We are aware of the common dangers of a weakened or poorly functioning immune system and a good number of us consciously eat green leafy vegetables and fruits to boost our immune systems.

Your business is no different it has its own immune system and there is a need to keep your business’s immune system healthy, strong, and protected. Businesses with weak immune systems get sick, have stayed sick, and some have died since the last recession. There are about five major immunity systems that your business needs to have in other to survive long term this special report discusses these Five immunities.

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5. The Ten Ultimate Questions That Will Reveal Your True Design

Every Car, for example, is manufactured according to a design. There is a reason why we are all not tall, short, fat, black or white. Everyone was designed for a specific reason. A car Manufacturer will design the body, engine and components of a car based on a predetermined design. A Toyota Car is designed differently from a Mercedes Benz car because their purpose and the reason for their existence is different. So also are we humans. We have been designed for our assignment. So knowing your true design is a major factor in determining how far you go on your wealth journey. Your Design will determine a lot of things. It will determine your strength, your weaknesses, the environment and condition for you to function optimally, the resources you need, and the kind of people you need in your life. There are 10 Questions you need to ask in order to determine your design. This Report expatiated on these ten questions.

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6. The 38 Raw Feedback from Children Born Into Wealthy.

The children of the wealthy suffer in their own ways. They might not be in need of money, but they are burdened from the weight of their internal mind battles. To the average person, the problems of wealthy children are unimaginable. A wealthy child’s life is supposed to be perfect. But within the quiet, peaceful, luxurious and rich neighborhood of the wealthy are children who suffer the most from the two most common stigma of wealth; Anxiety and depression. Although these children are surrounded by wealth and the good things of life, they often fight many internal battles. This Special Report discusses 38 of these Internal Battles. These internal battles are raw and straight from the mouth of Children. There are insightful for Parents Young adults and Singles.

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7. The 15 Crucial Assets of a Business that will Sell Top Dollar

For many people who have devoted their time, resources, and energy to build a business, it is natural that no matter how things get, selling it off would be the last option. For many others, this is not even an option. There are many reasons why a business owner will want to sell his or her business off and they are not far fetched and at least one of these reasons will hit you over the course of your business life-cycle. Therefore, it is important to start preparing before that time comes so that it isn’t too late to get a good deal out of your hard work. The question, therefore, is not whether you will sell your business; the correct question is how ready will you be when the time comes? There is nothing wrong in being in a sale-ready mode. This Special Report discusses fifteen of the asset you need to have in your Business in order to smile to the bank on payday.

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8. The Seven Price to the Biggest Wealth of your Life

Everything in Live has a price and so does wealth and Success. The thing to note about the price for wealth is the price must be paid upfront and in full before you can experience true wealth. There are no Promos’ Discounts or trade-offs. The full price must be paid. This Special Report Discusses the seven Price that must be paid to in order to experience true wealth. Pay these seven Price and You will achieve any Wealth or Financial goal you set for yourself

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