Goal –Based Investment Advisory Program


Tie your Investment Effort to a goal

It is very easy to work through life saving and investing but never achieving a forward movement

A goal-based investment gives direction and speed to your investment effort. It helps you clarify your life goals; makes you prioritize the most important goals to you so you can pick only the right mix of investments that will help you achieve those goals. At the end of the day you will be able to tick all the goals you have achieved and be motivated to achieve more.

Smart Investors always follow a goal-based investment planning process. The reasons for this are many but here are the two big ones:

A goal-based investment plan makes it easy for you to understand why you choose one investment over the other and
It gives your Investment Journey speed and momentum because you know exactly what you are doing and have a clear sense of purpose.

Whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between, you possess a unique set of life goals that only certain special technique can help you achieve. Our Goal-based Investment planning program possesses the special result-oriented powers that can takes out the guess work from an uncertain future. You will have a clear cut view of your outcome from day one and you will walk towards your goals with boldness.


The Goals we will help you Achieve

1. Create a Second Income and make Salary your Auxiliary: Our Second Income Advisory and Planning Program

Sitting down on the high horse of a monthly salary and suddenly finding yourself on the streets can send even the strongest of men into depression. Since no one is immune to an unexpected job loss, company layoffs, company fold ups, or just deciding to quit on your own, you need a Plan B.

Our Second Income Advisory and Planning Program will help you set up your plan B, a solid alternative income source that can sustain you for years when salary is finally over.

2. Step out of the Workforce with Confidence and Peace of mind : Our Retirement Advisory Program.

If the road that leads to wealth devours all your youthful adult life, is it worth it?

You have passed through a succession of retirement dates with no success; your health is beginning to deteriorate, your passion deflated, and you have personal ideas and ambitions you will love to pursue but are afraid to turn off the monthly salary tap. Retirement is not an age. It is rather, an amount of money that gives you the confidence and choice to do whatever you choose to do.

Building that amount of money that will give you the confidence to retire willingly requires coordinated planning, all of which is contained in our Retirement Advisory Program. Pursuing temporary wealth that comes at the expense of your health is not wise.

It is time to take a break and do what you love. But first, you must plan.

3. Rescue your Business from the dangers of Recession: Our Recession-proof Business Advisory Program:

You have survived the last recession or are at least still struggling to survive; congratulations. But, will your business survive another punch in the face from recession?

Everything in life follows a predictable cycle; every time the economy grows, we see a crash and recession follows. Prices go up and come down, the stock market rises and fall; the sun will rise tomorrow morning like it did today, and boom times will always turn to busts times. To think that there will be no more recessions is to live in denial.

How do you create a business that will maximally produce profit in an economic boom period and will rise above the darkest economic storm during a recession?

Our Recession-Proof Business Advisory Program is the answer.

4. Retain your most productive Employees and make maximum Profit: Our Employer/Employee Goal-Based Retention program.

As a business owner, one of your primary goals is to see your business grow and become more profitable. To do this, you need productive employees to help you achieve your goals and drive profit. A productive employee is a good investment to your business and just like any other good investment, it must yield a big multiple of its cost. Profits are the means by which your business protects itself and grow. Without them, your company will shrivel and die. Your number one goal, therefore, is to make maximum profit through the skills and contributions of your productive employees

Your employees on the other hands have their own lives as their No 1 goal. They have goals and aspirations they want to achieve. They prioritize the achievement of their goals over your profit goals. It therefore requires a strategic effort to align your profit goals and your productive employee goals to make the relationship mutually beneficial. That is what our employer/employee goal-based retention program is all about.

Employer-employee relationship is a goal-based relationship and not a family relationship.

5. Protect your vulnerable and exposed Asset: Our Preventive Asset Shielding Plan

You can be the nicest, smartest and most generous person in the world, but if you are a high net-worth individual you are worth suing and your acquired assets may end up in the hands of a total stranger if left exposed.

Bad things happen to good people and poverty and riches often changes hands in unforeseen circumstances. We live in a world where there are outside influences that impinge upon us. You are influenced by other people’s actions and everything you do also has a level of influence on others. Assets like Real Estate, Businesses; Cars etc. are huge liability producers and can serve as an entry points for strangers to steal your wealth or put you in a major financial dent.

Knowing this is true, your only logical option is to make it extremely difficult and expensive for anyone to steal your assets. Our Preventive Asset Protection Program is what you need. We have several specific protection firewalls that can block almost any type of financial, personal or legal attack.

You run a pretty high risk of being left with nothing. Let’s help you shield your wealth.

6. Give your Heirs the preparation they need to preserve your legacy and name: Our Young Heir Grooming Program.

You have worked hard for your wealth and have built a reputable name for yourself. Your wealth came with delayed gratification, hard work, endurance and a lifetime of effort. You were not given riches by your father; you rather obtained it by your productivity. You have succeeded against all odds but one day you will have to transfer power and the financial responsibility to one of your own. If this person is prepared, it serves you; if not, it destroys all your years of hard work.

Avoiding money discussions, leaving your children in the dark, or waiting and hoping that they will mature to handle the enormous financial responsibility you have created for them will only lead to the end of your wealth and legacy.

To build an undying name that is synonymous to wealth, global impact and good memories requires the smooth transition of power, wisdom and wealth.

Our young heir grooming program give your heirs the preparation they need to handle the huge financial responsibilities ahead and help you pass on your wealth together with all the sense that came with earning it. Your heirs are not like you; they have been shielded and protected from hard life lessons. Without help, they will never be close to the person you want them to be.

7. Put your important eggs in a basket that is yours: Our Out of Country Real Estate Investors Program

You have gone to a faraway country, in search of greener pastures and after years of hard work & study you have succeeded, made money, acquired international experience, gotten a home abroad, and have contributed immensely to the economic engine of a foreign country.

What more changes do you really want to make?

Everything you have and hold dear is here in your home country; your childhood memories, a sense of belonging, your family and a community of loving people. A true son of the soil never forgets his root. At the end of the day, home is home and your origin will always be here.

Investing in one of the choice cities of your father’s land, Lagos State, is an excellent way of reducing the risk of coming back to an empty home after many years of hard work. It is time to bring the most important eggs home, add diversity to your investment portfolio, generate additional income for ‘back home’ expenses, and build a safe place to return to someday.

8. Take charge of your health and medical care cost now that you are well: Our Health & Medical Planning Program

The biggest financial suicide in the world is to allow healthcare cost to steal your wealth. Preventive healthcare planning and medical cost planning is a priority at any age, but as you get older your biggest priority may not only be outliving your savings but outliving good health. Most people will find their health under assault, with unpredictable financial consequences as they grow and age.

Preventive healthcare planning that keeps you away from the hospital and medical financially planning that takes care of unexpected or degenerative health issue is the way to preserve wealth. Unanticipated medical expenses can derail years of disciplined savings, because health care costs are non-discretionary. If you are sick, a demand will be made on your wealth that could be detrimental. A more proactive approach is to take charge of your healthcare and medical expenses before the trouble of old age begins.

Having good health habits, adequate reserves and good medical coverage can be the difference between a comfortable healthy life and a life that is filled with financial crises.


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