How to Marry for Wealth Growth and Preservation

Marriage is a very important part of our lives. The right partner can make your life better, but the wrong one can lead you to years of pain, frustration, and regret. Whether you want to believe it or not, money, wealth and finances should be considered in choosing who to marry. Your parents, siblings, and even the society would applaud you if you married up the wealth ladder and you would generally be seen as a failure if you married down the wealth ladder. The prince charming you fantasized about getting married to as a child is definitely not a poor man. Men also want to be able to provide for the woman of their dreams. So, deep inside we all crave to be wealthy and to marry into more wealth. The problem, however, is that we have been conditioned from childhood to mute the voice of money and this has caused us to develop certain aversions to acquiring wealth for fear of being judged. Being wealthy and marrying into wealth is not a bad thing. The problem only comes in marrying solely for money. If you go about it the right way, there is a lot you can do to stack the odds in your favor. This is the real definition of two being better than One.

A popular question I ask is:

“If you had to travel on a long trip for two years and your spouse was to sit at the helm of your business or Wealth affairs, would your wealth plummet or would it blossom?”

This question should be considered before you choose who to marry. The lack of preparation in choosing a suitable partner is one of the greatest causes of struggles in marriages today. People tend to marry based on accessibility, availability, love or simply because they were asked without thorough consideration of the things that matter. If you fail to marry well, the future of your finances and wealth is put at risk. Marrying well involves finding the person who makes you better. This person is willing to motivate you towards becoming the best version of yourself. In every relationship, you are either going forward or backwards. You rub off on each other the good, the bad, and the ugly. This rubbing off will either make you better or worse.

So how do you know who to marry?

You have only four options to choose from and only one is good for you. They include: The Hunt and Kill, The Gold Digger, The Maintainer and The Transformer.

The Hunt and Kill is any type of person that wants you to reduce your standard, water down your values and ambition, be apologetic about your success and change who you truly are. I call them Hunt and Kill because they are like bird hunters who see a beautiful and healthy bird flying high in the sky, get attracted to the beauty of the bird then shoot. They then strip the birds off their beautiful feathers, break their wings, put them in cages and take away everything that attracted them to the bird in the first place. They do this because of their own insecurities. In a relationship, this can be a man or a woman. Stay away from these people because they will not only destroy your capacity to create wealth but will also destroy the wealth you already have. They are usually the ones that seek you out and they are constantly using the phrase, “you are too”. They would say, “you are too ambitious”, “you are too hardworking” and the likes.

The Maintainer would not harm you like the hunt and kill but won’t let you move forward either. This person has not fully discovered their life’s purpose so they drag you behind, suppress and stiffen your growth. Since they are not willing to pull their weight and move, you need to do the work of two people using your energy and resources to support yourself and to support them. They are laid back and unmotivated. They will deplete your finances, energy and waste your wealth.

The Gold Diggers are the people who come to you for what you have. There are usually looking for people to throw their burdens and failures on. It takes a lot of observation and intentional testing to spot this group of people especially if you are already wealthy. A smart gold digger can hide under the weakness of a wealthy person’s ease in spending without the person realizing it. You need to intentionally resist the urge to always be the spender even when you can. With the Gold Digger, you will be left with nothing.

The only set of people to marry are the Transformers. The Transformers add value to you and make you better. They judge their success by the quality of their spouses and derive happiness and fulfillment from making their spouses do more and achieve more. They are full of life, success and passion. They bring so much to the table, are willing to grow, and are self-sufficient and purpose-driven. These are the ones that will increase and preserve your wealth and life.

The next challenge is in finding a Transformer.

Transformers are indeed few and hard to find within the mix of other groups. You will generally meet many of the other type of people on your way to meeting a transformer. If you give up half way and bend to pressures, you will not only be sacrificing your peace but also your wealth future. However, you also need to be a transformer in order to attract one. It is for this reason that I created a platform where Transformers can meet. If you are a transformer out there, this is an opportunity for you to find that man or woman of your dream. Text Transformer to 08101860042 and let’s build a Community of Transformers. Your wealth is an important part of your life; guard it with all you have.

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