Our Employer/Employee Goal-Based Retention program.


The True Relationship between Employer and-employees

As a business owner, one of your primary goals is to see your business grow and become more profitable. To do this, you need productive employees to help you achieve your goals and drive profit. A productive employee is a good investment to your business and just like any other good investment, it must yield a big multiple of its cost. Profits are the means by which your business protects itself and grow. Without them, your company will shrivel and die. Your number one goal, therefore, is to make maximum profit through the skills and contributions of your productive employees.

Your employees on the other hands have their own lives as their No 1 goal. They have goals and aspirations they want to achieve. They prioritize the achievement of their goals over your profit goals. It therefore requires a strategic effort to align your profit goals and your productive employee goals to make the relationship mutually beneficial. That is what our employer/employee goal-based retention program is all about.

Employer-employee relationship is a goal-based relationship and not a family relationship.

Dear Business Owner

Your goals conflict with your employees’ goals.

Over the years, you have invested money, time, sweat, and tears into your business and are now emotionally attached to it. Your business and life are intertwined and inseparable. Not so for your employees. Employees do not own your business and they have their very busy lives to think about. They think and prioritize all sorts of things that you barely think about and their agenda are often at opposition with your business agenda.

Employer’s Goal:

How to make maximum profit

Employee’s Goals

Strictly Personal Goals: self-development goals, financial goals, retirement goals, investment goals, leisure goals, salary goals, school fees goals, rent goals, children goals, relationship goals, vacation goals, spiritual goals, and so on.

At the end of the day, your business’ goal of making profit, may rank at number 50 on your employee’s list of important things and your employee is not to be blamed for this. To expect otherwise of a human being is simply not wise.

The goal of our Employer/Employee goal-based Retention Program is to find an alignment between your profit goals and your employee’s personal goals. We will tie the achievement of your profit goals to the realization of your productive employee goals. You are up against 30 to 50 things ranking in higher priority on your employees’ list than the one thing most important to you. Let’s help you bring the one thing that is important to you to the top of their list. We will show you smart ways to bring your employees over to your side and make them buy into your goals so much so that they are willing to walk through walls for you.

It is a win-win situation, and no one will be left behind.


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