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Put your important eggs in
a basket that is yours

You have gone to a faraway country, in search of greener pastures and after years of hard work & study you have succeeded, made money, acquired international experience, gotten a home abroad, and have contributed immensely to the economic engine of a foreign country.

What more changes do you really want to make?

Everything you have and hold dear is here in your home country; your childhood memories, a sense of belonging, your family and a community of loving people. A true son of the soil never forgets his root. At the end of the day, home is home and your origin will always be here.

Investing in one of the choice cities of your father’s land, Lagos State, is an excellent way of reducing the risk of coming back to an empty home after many years of hard work. It is time to bring the most important eggs home, add diversity to your investment portfolio, generate additional income for ‘back home’ expenses, and build a safe place to return to someday.

Dear Nigerians in a foreign country,

You may have tried to invest back home before and ended up with a disappointing experience. Some of your remittances may have been diverted, stolen or misguided into the wrong hands. The stress of managing your investments from a distance and the many sad stories you have heard might even be the things that are holding you back and now you wonder if you will ever want to come back home.

Home is not nearly perfect, but home is home and what truly makes a country a perfect candidate for investment growth and business success is the availability of problems requiring solutions. A perfect country has little or no room for growth, profit and the addition of value.

You have too much at stake to ignore your own home. Home is safe when you have a good plan and a trusted ally to guide you, and that is where we come in.

We will help you with your investment and business plan here in your home country. We will give you sound goal-based advice, oversee your land and home acquisition projects, and help you with business insights and intelligent market research so you can understand the terrain and win.

No more will your investment dreams in your home country, go down the drain. With our Out-of-Country Real Estate Investor’s Program, your physical absence is no longer a disadvantage.

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