Grace Agada: Advisor, Investor, Author, CEO & President.
Let me help you take out the uncertainties, stress and anxiety that comes with climbing and remaining at the top.
When you are financially up but you lack solid support, the only other easy way to go is back down. Creating wealth is an uphill task and just like any other climbing activity you need a solid support structure or a wedge to keep you sustained and going to the top. Without this strategic support and system in place, you will tumble back down with just one slip.

My role as your wealth advisor is to keep you climbing up and to eliminate any chances of you coming back down. Going from bottom to the top is a lot harder than going from top to top. With over seven years on the field experience, I understand all the many ways you can return to square one and I can help you avoid them.

I will examine your financial goals, your values and the imminent dangers that threaten your wealth. With your goals clearly defined, I will then create a customized wealth plan for you where you will have a clear picture of the most important things to focus on throughout your journey. Working with me is having someone who will fight for your interest and safety. I will show you all the things that you will not ordinarily see on your own, so you can avoid unfriendly surprises on your way up. I will be that one person you can come to for unbiased, sound and objective advice.

There is no need repeating all the mistakes that has already been made.

My Personal Philosophy:

Every road to wealth has its own twist, bend, bumps and potholes. An innocent road traveller will get wounded, beaten, killed or even destroyed. But, a prepared road traveller will go through the same road avoid all the loopholes, and escape to safety – Grace Agada.

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