Rachel Ogolo: Director & Chief Relationship Officer
I understand your needs and want to know more.

The investment world is complicated and the only way to get out without being wounded is to have a trusted friend who understands your specific needs and can break down investment in plain simple English that you can understand.
Who better to be your friend than me?

With over 13 years marketing experience, my goal is to carve your name right in the center of our business, so we think of you every day and look for better ways to serve you. We want to know your needs, what bothers you, your major sources of stress and financial frustration. We want to know how we can make things better and take away the things that interfere with your productivity and peace of mind.

I am here to understand how we can better serve you.

My Personal Philosophy:

If you show up with no value, you will wear out your welcome fast – Rachel Ogolo

Our Partner