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Leaving behind piles of money without the corresponding knowledge and wisdom to manage it is like giving a loaded gun to a child. This is the dark side of inherited wealth.

You have worked hard for your wealth and have built a reputable name for yourself. Your wealth came with delayed gratification, hard work, endurance and a lifetime of effort. You were not given riches by your father; you rather obtained it by your productivity. You have succeeded against all odds but one day you will have to transfer power and the financial responsibility to one of your own. If this person is prepared, it serves you; if not, it destroys all your years of hard work.

Avoiding money discussions, leaving your children in the dark, or waiting and hoping that they will mature to handle the enormous financial responsibility you have created for them will only lead to the end of your wealth and legacy.
To build an undying name that is synonymous to wealth, global impact and good memories requires the smooth transition of power, wisdom and wealth.

Our young heir grooming program give your heirs the preparation they need to handle the huge financial responsibilities ahead and help you pass on your wealth together with all the sense that came with earning it. Your heirs are not like you; they have been shielded and protected from hard life lessons. Without help, they will never be close to the person you want them to be.

Dear Wealth Custodian,

The people in your family are your biggest assets and the true custodians of your wealth.

True wealth consists of three forms of capital:

  • Human Capital
  • Financial Capital
  • Knowledge and Wisdom Capital

Legal professionals and wealth transfer experts concentrate only on the financial capital, preparing plans that will safely transfer wealth to your heirs. But, no one is preparing your heir for the huge responsibilities ahead. Research has shown that the hard-earned wealth in the first generation is dissipated by wasteful heirs in the second and third generation, leaving only stories of good old days.

Building emotionally balanced, financially matured and intellectually capable heirs require a coordinated process like the one our young heir grooming program offers. All the things that made wealth possible for you have to be strategically passed on to your heirs from a young age in the language and manner that they will understand.

Our young heir grooming program will help you groom heirs who are productive and fulfilled in their chosen paths or endeavors. Build emotionally stable and financially matured heirs that can preserve the rich family legacy you have built.

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