The FIVE Ultimate Levels of Money – The Real Reason Why You Never Achieve Your Financial Goals

How do you make more money, achieve your financial goals, be happy, free, and fulfilled regardless of who you are, the state of the economy, your family background, who you know, or where you are from? At the end of today’s article you will be able to know the real reason why you are stuck in a financial rod and what you need to do to change your current financial situation. Most people think that working hard is the key to unlocking money, but working hard is rarely the key. In fact working hard can make you poor, sick and miserable if you are at the wrong money level. Money follows a law that must be obeyed if you must unlock unlimited amount of money.

You may be angry, frustrated and sad about your current financial situation, but lashing back at life will only do you more harm. To change your financial situation and achieve the most important item on your goal list you first need to learn exactly what is holding you back.

It took me ten years of trial and error to figure the solution out. I spent most of my early career and business years working hard, saving aggressively, investing blindly, and hoping that one day I will find myself on the rich list. However, that never happened until I discovered this one money secret.

The only difference between you today who is earning a few thousands or millions and you after today, who will earn multi-millions, is for you to understand how the the Five money levels work. You are never going to be taken to a special mysterious place and where some special money genes will be implanted inside you to move you from where you are now to where you want to be financially. Everything you need to make the largest sum of money of your life is already within you.

But there are a few problems:

Most people never get to figure out exactly where there are going in life. Those who get to figure it out are stuck with financials goals that have remained unaccomplished from year to year. Rather than try to figure out the real reason, many people blame themselves, blame the economy, their job, their employer, bad luck, their family members, or evil forces for preventing them from moving forward.

So, how can you propel your life into a whole new level of success, wealth, maximum productivity and happiness? The only way to make more money, feel wonderful about yourself and get along with the most important people in your life is to understand and obey this ONE money principle and it is known as: The Money Levels

Money has various levels and each money level has its own maximum cap beyond which no more money can be made. You can be the most hardworking, dedicated and passionate individual in the world but if you are on the wrong money level you will ultimately get little result for all your efforts.

Take a cleaner in an organization for example. Let’s say this cleaner is a man. He is the best cleaner in the entire world, has a 100% punctuality record, has sacrificed 35 years of his youthful life shinning the entire office and making people happy, has never committed any offence or offended anyone, and has even lost touch with his wife and children due to his extraordinary dedication and commitment to his work.

The challenge is that all of his immense can at best get him an award as the best Cleaner of the company. No matter how hard he works he can never earn the salary of the General Manager even if the general manager decides to sleep, eat and chat all day.

There is an invisible ceiling on the amount of money a cleaner can earn. If the cleaner thus decides to set his 2019 goal as buying a brand-new Mercedes Benz, it will take a combination of eternity, luck and a miracle to give him a slightest chance at achieving that goal.

However, if the cleaner decides to develop himself, gain the competence, and grow over time to become the general manager of the same company, his money level changes and it becomes easier for him to achieve his goal of a brand-new Mercedes Benz.

The money level is no respecter of person, dedication, hard work, sacrifice or the amount of time invested. The cleaner can complain all he likes about how his employer is heartless, ruthless and mean and how his employer does not value his dedication and service. But the truth is that his financial situation has nothing to do with his employer. It has everything to do with his money level.

Making a New Year resolution, setting financial goals, praying, fasting, working hard and being shrewd are all a small part of how you can make money. The bigger and more difficult part is being at the right money level and setting goals that match with your money level or at least be willing to change.

Until your financial goals match your money level, nothing is guaranteed to change.

This five money levels, what they are, what you need to do to move from one money level to a desirable money level of your choice will be discussed in an upcoming FREE Webinar.

Attendance is Free but spaces are limited. To gain access and register to attend, kindly fill the interest From Below.

Remember that no matter what you do, your financial outlook would not change until you change your money level.

Written By
Grace Agada-The Senior Wealth Advisor and Founder Create Solid Wealth. Article was First Published in The Business day Newspaper.

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