Why True Financial Freedom Can Never Be Found In The Corporate World

This topic might already spark certain resentment, especially for those who live and breathe in the corporate world and it is nothing short of expected. For one, our culture has made the ‘go to school and get a job’ system, the generally acceptable standard for success. However, I can tell you for a fact that we have been sold a lie. This lie has permeated our culture, and it is the reason why many people are stuck financially today. Many have chosen the path to financial freedom that waste their youth, sacrifice their health, deprive them of their most important relationship and is destined to fail. This highly expensive route to financial freedom has overstayed its welcome.

It took me seven years of being a victim of this lie before I realized the truth and made a total 360 degree turn. To start, let me explain why financial freedom and true happiness is lacking in the corporate world.

The corporate world is a ‘bread-eater’ community. A bread-eater, in this context, is someone that depends on somebody else for their survival and livelihood. The Problem with bread-eaters is that they never get enough bread. The bread-giver would always be in control and he alone determines how much bread each person gets.

The other problem is that the bread-eater is always dependent on the bread giver. He or she cannot stand on his or her own two feet. Which is why it is difficult for most people to leave and survive outside the corporate world. Lastly you cannot truly multiply bread. Bread gets eaten and destroyed and the reason why you keep going back to get more.

Without the replacement of the bread you will remain a prisoner of the bread-giver

I studied the wealthy for about four years; I wanted to know the underlying factor that made them wealthy. The goal of my search was to determine if there were qualities shared by these people. Here is one thing I found: there has never been any bread-eater on the Forbes rich list from the inception of Forbes till date.

And who is on the rich list? The seed-sower.

The seed-sower is a person who has identified their gift, purpose, and passion. He is also the person who has an idea or a solution that can solve a problem and has gone ahead to sow that seed, nurtured it, until it produced fruits that the world is willing to pay for.

The seed has within it the capacity to multiply and this is why the seed sower is financially self-sufficient and independent of bread. In fact, the seed sower is also the bread-giver. He gives every other person his bread but never takes one himself.

He understands that wealth is a reward for sowing a seed. So, he keeps finding new seeds to sow so he can expand his wealth and business. Thankfully, everyone was born with at least one seed. The problem is that it takes some strategic attention to discover your seed and not everyone knows how to pay attention to themselves. The corporate world is so busy and noisy that it may require a complete isolation from it to discover your true seed.
How does a bread-eater transition into a seed-sower? Two ways.

The first way is the ‘skill’ way and the second is the ‘business’ way. You might have no plans to start a business right now or to exit paid employment. That’s your choice to make. However, rather than investing so much time and spending your entire life building technical or career skills that are of little value in the real world, I want you to invest that time building the FIVE evergreen money skills that are relevant within and outside the corporate world.

We call them the evergreen money skills because even if you are placed in the desert with these skills, as long as there are human beings there you can turn these skills into money. You goal in the next few months is to focus on acquiring any of these skills. They include: Writing, Speaking, Marketing, Positioning, and Leadership.

The other route from bread-eater to seed-sower is to start your own business. Within the corporate world, the idea of starting your own business is a dreaded concept. There is so much fear of the unknown coupled with the high mortality rate of businesses. As much as this is true, there is a reason why so many businesses fail. With the right education counsel and support system, you can navigate your way and avoid many of the business potholes. This is the only truly proven way to financial freedom so fear should not hinder you from it.

To ensure you are successful in the business world, there are five steps to follow: The first is to make a decision. You need to make up your mind to be a seed-sower. The second is to possess the right mind nutrient. You need a total mindset makeover. The mindset of a bread-eater is totally different from the mindset of a seed-sower. The third thing is to be in the right environment. Without the right environment no seed can survive long-term. The fourth is to pay the right price: The seed has to pay a price in order to grow into a tree. There is a part of you that must bow for that change to take place. Finally, you need the right relationships: You need the right kind of people to water your seed and make it grow.

This article is not enough to help you make the transition from bread eater to seed sower. You need a grooming, planning and a support system. The truth is until you find a replacement for your bread you cannot truly be free to step out. This is why I have decided to put together a Webinar called the ‘Six Steps to Financial Success’ that will dive deep into how you can build the raw material that will be a solid replacement for bread so you can be finally free from the bread-giver. It is free but the seats are limited. To register kindly fill the Interest Form Below.

When the bread is not sufficient the best thing to do is to convert it into a seed.

Written By
Grace Agada – The Senior Wealth Advisor and Founder Create Solid Wealth.
Article was First Published in The Business day Newspaper.

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